Musician / Songwriter / Music Journalist

When I first met and played with Michael, I knew him as a first-rate drummer, one of the rare ones who is a musician first and a drummer second. He plays with taste and sensitivity, always putting the needs of the song and the group first. Since then, Michael has become a multi-instrumentalist and singer. It's always a great pleasure to play with -- and listen to -- him.


Musical Director, Cougar The Musical

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Michael Bellusci at Cougar the Musical where I am the Music Director and Michael is one of the regular drummers. I am continually impressed by both his professionalism and his musicianship. He is extremely adept and comfortable in a wide range of musical styles. As the conductor of the show, I especially appreciate the way in which he strikes a balance between laying down a solid groove and being a sensitive accompanist to the singers on stage. Every show he plays is technically well executed and incredibly musical. He also plays with an energy and attentiveness that elevates the level of the entire show.

Michael goes above and beyond to help all aspects of the show. He arrives early and is always willing to rehearse things with musicians and singers. He quickly and accurately notated the entire drum part for the show into Sibelius, created sound cues for the show and recorded four songs for the show in his home studio. I know I can always depend on him to be a fantastic drummer and bring a positive energy and attitude to every performance.

I highly recommend Michael and would be happy to elaborate on any of his skills and attributes.


Professional Musician / Pianist/ Keyboardist

Michael is a caring musician and pays attention to detail, He is an asset to any group he works with.


Songwriter, Musician, Recording Artist @ Seeing Green Music

Great feel and overall musicality that make him very easy to work with.. a good guy and a true pro


Owner, Ira Siegel Music

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Michael Bellusci for a number of years. He has always shown himself to be a competent and intuitive drummer, with a great ability to adapt to many musical situations and styles. His musical knowledge is only surpassed by his professionalism.

Michael is also well versed in the world of electronics and has quite an arsenal of digital drums at his disposal. He has a great love of and for music. Any orchestra would benefit from his abilities.


Musician and Recording Engineer

Michael Bellusci is an accomplished musician. His work ethic is impeccable, driving others around him to be the very best they can be. I highly recommend Michael Bellusci for employment in any position he is qualified for.


Pianist/composer at self employed

Michael is a superb Drummer and musician. His punctuality, personality and preparation always result in high-quality performance. His knowledge of the material and dedication to his art, as well as his flexibility, create a very high standard. He is a joy to work with.



Michael is an outstanding musician, a multi-instrumentalist and also has a firm grasp on composition, arrangement and engineering/recording of music. My history with Michael goes back over 35 years. I have found him to be a supportive, collaborative team spirited ensemble player and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Michael is a valuable asset in virtually any aspect of music performance, collaboration and recording.


Professor of Clinical Skills at St. George's University, Grenada

Michael is a musician's drummer. His playing is tasteful, steady and impeccable. He is equally comfortable on a standard drum kit, or with electronic drums. The latter is ideal for smaller venues, where drum volume can be an issue.
Michael is highly reliable and a great person to work and perform with.



Roger Greenawalt here, Record Producer since 1987 owner operator of Shabby Road Studio, Brooklyn. Also the founder of The Beatles Complete On Ukulele.
I first met Michael while producing The Beatles Complete On Ukulele concert in 2009, where I performed all 185 original Beatles songs with dozens of guest musicians. He is a marvel. he knows every Beatle song, I mean all of them on drums, and bass. Do you know how rare that is? I do. Love his attitude and hire him as a session drummer every chance we get, I'm sure we've done about 10 or 12 songs in the last year, notably on the new Craig Greenberg EP. I can't say enough good things about Michael, easy hang, awesome results.



The "club" of musicians who were children of the sixties, is a rather incestuous one. Among this cadre is Mike Bellusci. Members of this "club" may not know one another personally, but we all know of one another. Every musician over 58 years of age knows who Mike Bellusci is! Certainly, every drummer does. A jury of his peers will all concur and tell you he's one of the best on Long Island. That says it all.


Musical Director at Peter Theodore Entertainment

I highly recommend Michael, as he is a great musician and a responsible professional in every aspect.


Drums and Vocals

Michael is an excellent drummer with skills and professional experience.


Self Employed Musician

Michael is one of the greats. At the last job, much closer to where I lived, I stressed about him arriving on time. When I arrived I found him already set up taking notes on the set list. His knowledge of several instruments never ceases to amaze me and I will continue to hire him for years to come.


Domain Specialist at HBO

Michael is a multi-talented musician, proficient on the drums, bass, and ukulele. Out-going and sociable, he is a pleasure to play with and fun and responsive on stage yet tight and creative. He's well-versed in music theory, responsible, punctual, organized, and can manage and lead a band, too. Michael is very accommodating and I highly recommend him for any musical endeavor.